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Aids in allergic effects and anti-oxidation

Quercetin is a kind of natural Flavonoid, it has the most bio-active function among the Flavonoids. It is found in natural vegetables and fruits including onion, celery, apple and grapefruit, etc. Purple onion has the highest amount of Quercetin comparing with the other plants. Quercetin is a very strong anti-oxidation with the anti-oxidizing power more than vitamin E and vitamin C with 50 times and 20 times respectively. The molecule of Quercetin is very small, so it is very easy to be absorbed in to human body without accumulation.

According to the 「Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology」, Quercetin is the most anti-allergic bio-active substance among the Flavonoids, the followings are the bio-active function of Quercetin:

Effective Anti-Histamine
Research stated that Quercetin is very effective anti-histamine which can block the cells to receive the histamine from outside stimulation. Histamine is a protein which can initiate nasal congestion, sneeze, running nose, tearful eyes and other allergic responses. Quercetin can alleviate the symptoms from the allergic reactions including nasal congestion, sneeze, running nose, tearful eyes and itching skin.

Quercetin, Gelatin, Silicon dioxide (Stabilizer), Stearic acid (Stabilizer) , Magnesium stearate (Stabilizer)

Natural Flavonoid
Strong Anti-Oxidation
Clinical research

Suggested Usage
Two capsules daily

Suitable For
- Concern about anti-oxidation
- Usually have allergic symptoms
- Usually have allergic skin symptoms

 640mg x 90 capsules

lease keep our of reach of children.
Please who are on medication or allergic to the ingredients should seek medical advice before use.

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