Ankang - Five Elements Enzyme (600mL)

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AK Five Elements enzyme follows the principle of the five elements theory of health by incorporating ingredients from the five major color food groups, supplying a variety of bioactive nutrients to help with the digestion of carbohydrates, protein and fats, as well as anti-oxidants to help with gut health and metabolism. Now you can eat all you want, whenever you want while still easily maintain your ideal weight!
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Ingredients Figure perfecting elements: Green (Wood): green tea, kale, mung bean, green pepper, spinach etc. Red (Fire): pitaya, carrot, Chinese wolfberry, tomato etc. Yellow (Earth): pumpkin, pineapple, mango, banana etc. White (Metal): aloe vera, perilla, radish, Chinese yam, job’s tears etc. Black (Water): guarana extract, mulberry, black sesame, black fungus, black bean etc.

- Aids with digestion
- Nourishes the organs
- Improves metabolism

Suggested Usage Dilute 30 ml of Five Elements Enzyme with cold or warm (below 45°C) water 5–8 times its volume. Drink on an empty stomach in the morning. For detox or slimming purpose, also drink 30ml-60ml of Five Elements Enzyme in the evening to improve digestion.
Suitable For People who eat out or snack a lot, people who live a busy lifestyle, picky eaters who do not consume enough vegetables and fruits, people with GI or bowel movement issues, people with acne-prone or problematic skin type
Package 600mL
Caution The temperature of the liquid should not exceed 45℃ to avoid destroying the active ingredients.
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