Ankang - Forever Young Enzyme (600mL)

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沒有 : The main ingredient “berry essence” is an exclusive combination of various exotic berries and fruits specially and carefully chosen for their beneficial properties. Its ORAC (antioxidant) value is one of the highest known in the world. “Berry essence” is easily absorbed to enhance bowel movement and alkaline the body, thereby eliminate toxins and improve overall health.
Ingredients Acai berry, Tangerine, Pineapple, Sweet orange, Muskmelon, Tomato, Lemon, Mulberry, Hawthorn, Papaya, Wax gourd, Coconut, Golden Mushroom, Mushroom, Cauliflower, Burdock, Job’s tears, Tree nuts, Canola, Small redbean, Sesame, Dwarf bean, Pumpkin seed, Soy bean, etc. Fermented by various kinds of natural fruits, vegetables and seeds using advanced microorganism fermentation technology.

Boosts immune system
Improves skin condition

Suggested Usage Dilute 30ml of Beauty Nourishing Enzyme with cold or warm water 5-8 times its volume. Take once or twice daily on an empty stomach.
Caution The temperature of the liquid should not exceed 45℃ to avoid destroying the active ingredients.
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