AQ Bio -Sanitizbio Sanitizer (General Purpose) GP60 (60ml)

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Aq Bio -  Bio Sanitizbio Sanitizer (General Purpose) GP60 (60ml)

Relieving inflammation and cross-inflection. Maintain oily skin pH balance

- Acne & allergy
- Dandruff & headache
- Peridontal disease & Strep throat
- Eczema, psoriasis & lupus erythematosus
- Athlete's foot

*Various usage cannot be fully listed here

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  • Inflammation: Canker sore, wounds, and sore throat (gargle)
  • Skin: Acne, and balance oil PH level
  • Body: Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, onychomycosis, and athlete's foot
  • Necessities: Tableware, toys, toothbrushes, clothes, towels, carpets, and shoes
  • Other: Second-hand smoke, mosquitoes, and dust mites
  • Usage: Spray directly on the air, hands, skin lesion, or contact surface of necessities
  • Functions: Rapid sterilization, disinfection, anti-itch, deodorisation, anti-inflammation, skin detoxification, and neutralization of mosquitoes’ toxic saliva


    Bitter Mesothelin, Toosendanin, Artemisinin, Deionized Water and Plant Extracts

    Suggested Usage:
    AQ is a natural product that it is totally safe even if you use it frequently. Spray AQ onto your whole body every time before you go out, and it effectively slows down bacterial growth. By spraying directly on the air, a number of results can be achieved, such as immediate bacterial / virus removal, deodorisation, decomposition of formaldehyde, preventing spread of germs, and increase of oxygen levels, especially helpful to improve allergic rhinitis and avoid colds. Each spray is effective to 10ft2 area, for 2-4 hours. Spray directly onto hands, tableware, toys, or any contact surface of necessities for instant disinfection and sterilization. Spray directly onto skin lesion for anti-inch and wound healing, soothing sub-health’s symptoms. For dry skin problem, use it with moisturizers to achieve better result.


    Product Specification: Dimensions: 40mm X 25mm X 145mm Capacity: 60ml Covered Area: Every 10ft2 area, cover for 2-4 hours

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