AQ - General Purpose Tester GPN7

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Convenient and fashionable. These personal hygiene gadgets are loved by everyone, making it a perfect gift or souvenir item.

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Ingredients Bitter Mesothelin, Toosendanin, Artemisinin, Deionized Water and Plant Extracts
Suggested Usage


  • Keep in a dry & cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Slight yellowish colour change is normal.
  • Stop using product should it turns milky, yellowish or smell bad.
  • Stinging feeling may occur when contact with open wounds.
  • This product is safe to sensitive areas of human and pets, including eyes and mouth, suitable for every family member.
  • For external use only, children should use under adult’s guidance.
Remark Product Specification:  Dimensions: 10mm X 14.4mm X 2mm Capacity: 7ml
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