AQ Bio - Sanitizer (GP2500) 2500ml

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Spray directly in air or apply onto hands, body parts, utensils & any contacting surfaces.

Effective coverage: around 6-10fts.

For 2-4hrs.

For soothing relieves of all minor sub-health problems and the spread of contagious deceases.

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AQ is a bio-product made of natural ingredients. Designed to eradicate bacteria and viruses in air and any surfaces to radically enhance indoor and personal hygiene. Unlike its chemical counterpart, the bio-structure of AQ is far too complicated to be decoded by microbes and therefore less likely to develop resistance and mutation at large. May HEALTH be simple!

The worldwide patented formula (Patent number: PCT/GB2007/04498) is extracted from natural plant ingredient by nanotechnology. Active ingredients include matrine, spearmint and deionized water with no artificial flavor and color.


- Disinfection: 99.99% disinfect bacteria, viruses; keep away from the threat of sickness;
- Air Purification: Increases the oxygen content of the air; prevents cross-infections and sub-health symptoms like Nasal allergy, Cough;
- Anti-Fungal Infections: Helps relieving Athlete's Foot, Hand Eczema and Tinea Unguium which mostly caused by fungal infections;
- Natural Repellent to Dust Mites & Insects: Reduces dust mites, insects and relieves related allergy symptoms.
- Deodorize: Effectively and quickly remove odors or smoke. Decompose all kinds of organic odor-causing contaminants and their fusty smells, such as cigarettes, rubbish and shoe smells.

Suggested Usage

Spray directly in air or apply onto hands, body parts, clothing or any contacting surfaces without rinsing.
Each spray is effective for around 6-10ft² and for around 2 hours.

Suitable For:

People who have high consciousness of personal hygiene and health


Caution :

For external use only, children should use under adult guidance. Minor stinging feeling may occur when in contact with open wounds. Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and naked flame. Stop using if turn milky, brownish or smell bad.


Made in China & New Zealand

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