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About Us

Healthplus was established in 1992. It was originally named "地利藥坊" and its branches were opened along the subway. It is the first chain store of health products that brings the concept of health to the mass transportation system and integrates "health" into life; In 1996, the name was officially changed to "Healthplus", and the branch was stationed in a large shopping mall. The store area is larger, the products are more diversified, and the service is more comprehensive.

Healthplus sells as many as 2,500 types of products, including sugar-free food, organic food, Western-style nutritional supplements, Chinese-style health care products, health testing equipment, advanced baby care products and food, healthy slimming food, natural and organic kitchen products Cooking products, disinfection products, prenatal and postpartum tonic products, organic health drinks and personal care products, etc. The "Dr Lingzhi" series is the flagship product, widely recognized by consumers. And "Healthplus" is the first health product chain store to launch its own brand among Hong Kong market. The first self-owned brand is the traditional Chinese medicine health care series "Bu Yick Fong" with a history of more than 25 years. Loved by mothers, the quality is excellent; in recent years, it has launched its own brands in different countries, such as "Natural Extracts" from New Zealand, and "Healthmate" from the United States and Canada.

Taking advantage of the wisdom of Chinese herbal medicine from scientific research results to enrich the quality of healthy life for citizens and provide healthy life for customers and members, Healthy Square is constantly searching for high-quality and reliable health products.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care Series "Bu Ying Fong"

The first Chinese herbal medicine in Hong Kong passed the test of the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center and was awarded the Hong Kong Quality Seal. The product is safe and reliable to eat, and the pesticide residues, heavy metals, and aflatoxins meet Hong Kong and international standards! Bu Yick Fong products have been loved by mothers for more than 30 years, and are of high quality.
The "Bu Ying Fong" brand was developed by "Retail Enterprise Co., Ltd.", which operates the Health Yi Fang, and was founded in 1992. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hanison Construction Holdings Limited. listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Since its inception, "Bu Ying Fong" has invited the famous professor KWAN CHI YEE as a consultant to develop a series of health care products and select the best fresh medicinal materials to meet the health care needs of different people.
Select only high-quality authentic medicinal herbs

The medicinal materials used in "28 Prescriptions for Postpartum Tonic" must be authentic, and the medicinal effects will vary due to different growth environments. The medicinal materials of "28 Prescriptions for Postpartum Tonic" such as fenugreek, Korean ginseng, Xueha cream, angelica, astragalus, spring amomum, chuanxiong, white peony root, peach kernel, etc. are selected from premium varieties, so they can all guarantee to meet the unique formula requirements of Professor Kawn Chi Yee The efficacy of the product guarantees the effectiveness of the product.



Certified Hong Kong factory

We have established our factory in Hong Kong for our "28 Chinese Herbal Soup". All "28 Chinese Herbal Soup" are produced in our factory certified by ISO22000:2018 and HKQAA. Each production process is strictly controlled for quality, and has passed the testing of pesticide residues, heavy metals, aflatoxin, and low sulfur, and complies with Hong Kong and international food safety standards to ensure that each product can achieve the highest quality.