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Aids in memory and cognitive power
2 powerful ingredients to enhance cognitive function

While ageing, mental stress and long periods of work will accelerate the degeneration of the brain, recent clinical studies have shown that certain nutrients can have a significant effect on the maintenance of brain cells. In particular, scientists have found that ginkgo leaves, containing flavoneglycosides and terpenelactones, can help expand the tiny blood vessels in the brain, improving cerebral blood circulation and promoting the transport of nutrients to the brain. This significantly improves brain cell metabolism and enhances brain function.

Lecithin, a sugar-binding protein, has also been praised within the scientific community for being the brain's "batteries". Lecithin deficiency can cause nerve cell membranes to become fragile and interrupt neurotransmission.

Lecithin, Ginkgo Biloba extract

Helps dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation and provide an adequate supply of nutrients to the brain
Improves cerebral blood circulation and relieves symptoms of hypoxia headaches
Helps ameliorate vertigo by acting on micro-vascular channels in the inner ear
Maintains normal memory and cognitive functions

Suggested Usage
Adults, take 1 capsule, 1-2 times daily.
Pregnant, breast-feeding woman and children are not recommended to take this product.

565mg x 90 capsules

Please keep out of reach of children
People who are taking medicine or allergic to herbal substances should seek medical advice before use
No artificial colorings, No preservatives

Remark Made in U.S.A

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