Ankang - Jujube Longan Tea (10's) (Exp.25/08/2020)

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  • Served to enrich the blood and Qi, beneficial to woman's health
  • Promote blood circulation and nourish Qi
  • Warm the body and balance overall body health
  • Eases tension and improve sleeping quality
  • Nourish liver, kidney and eye, strengthen body and improve body performance
Ingredients Jujube, Longan, Chinese wolfberry, Corn starch, Brown sugar

- For bright and healthy eyee
- Supplements Qi and Xu
- Calms and relaxes

Suggested Usage Use 150mL of hot water for one pack, stir well and serve.
Suitable For For cold hands and feet, Yin body type, people who tire easily
95g (9.5g x 10packs)
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