【Expiry Date: 11/2020】Ankang - Nourishing Congee (5's)

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  • Rich in dietary fibres and provide complete essential nutrients
  • Made from 12 kinds of natural vegetables and cereals and no cholesterol
  • Strengthen vital energy and nourish Yin, invigorate spleen, lung and kidney
  • Suitable for breakfast and nutritional meal replacement
Ingredients Brown rice, Rice, Millet, Black glutinous rice, Carrot, Chinese Yam, Cabbage, Seaweed, Celery leaf, Red wheat, Barley, Wheat, Green tea, Vegetable milk, Salt

nourish Yin ,invigorate spleen, lung and kidney

Suggested Usage Empty contents of one package into a bowl and add 200ml of hot water. Stir well and wait for 10 minutes before serving.
150g (30g x 5's)
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