AQ Bio - Toddlers Formula Sanitizer (KD220) 230ml

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Antibacterial, sterilization, anti-itch, moisturizing, damaged cell repair, and resistance enhancement.

For serious skin problem or dry skin problem, use it with AQ GP200 and moisturizers to achieve a better result.

Suitable for 0 - 6 years


Spray directly onto hands, skin, utensils & any contacting surfaces
Moisturize and increase dermal antibacterial efficacy
Quick relief for skin irritation caused by eczema or insect bites
For severe cases, use it together with AQ GP200 and skin moisturizer to obtain better results

The worldwide patented formula (Patent number.: PCT/GB2007/04498) is extracted from natural plant ingredient by nanotechnology. Active ingredients include matrine, spearmint and deionized water with no artificial flavor and color.

AQ is the most powerful product for disinfection, deodorization, decomposition of toxin and reducing air-pollutant.

Suggested Usage
- AQ is a natural product that it is totally safe even if you use it frequently. Spray AQ onto toddlers' body every time before they go out, and it effectively slows down bacterial growth.
- Spray directly onto their hands, tableware, toys, or any contact surface of necessities for instant disinfection and sterilization.
- Spray directly onto skin lesion for anti-inch, wound healing, and soothing sub-health’s symptoms, particularly effective in treating eczema, rashes, and insect bites.
- For dry skin problem, use it with AQ GP200 and moisturizers to achieve a better result.

Suitable For
Age range: 0 - 6 years
- Air: Prevention of cross-infection
- Face: Ringworm, eczema, and itching
- Skin: Hands, diaper rash, and allergy

Made in China & New Zealand

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