Bebble - Teething Gel 20 ml (Expiry Date: 30/6/2021)

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With herbal extracts and soothing ingredients, this magical gel instantly eases discomfort, and your little one will feel better in minutes. More importantly, this product does not contain medicine, and therefore may be used frequently, without restrictions on dosage.

Important: this product does not contain mint or fluoride, which makes it suitable for use in combination with homeopathic remedies.

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Ingredients Rose Hip Extract, Rosa Canina Extract, Camomile Extract, Sage Extract & Stevia Extract


Suggested Usage For best results, this calming gel needs to be gently rubbed onto baby’s gums. You can either use a silicone finger toothbrush or any other soft baby tooth- or gum brush. You might even find it easier to just use your finger (makes sure to wash hands thoroughly first!). Use a pea-sized amount of gel, and carefully rub onto baby’s gums, without applying too much pressure. Your little one will start to feel better from the moment you apply the gel. Repeat when necessary. No need to rinse!
Suitable For Suitable for teething babies
Package 20 ml
Remark Made in Bulgaria
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