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Healthmate Bee Propolis 100's

Healthmate Bee Propolis 100's
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Healthmate Bee Propolis 100's
Main efficacy of Bees propolis:- Antibacterial, Immunomodulatory ActivityPropolis restrict bacterial development because of its antibacterial properti..

    Main efficacy of Bees propolis:
    - Antibacterial, Immunomodulatory Activity
    Propolis restrict bacterial development because of its antibacterial properties.
    Propolis also shows positive collagen metabolism and it activate the macrophages to restrict bacterias.

    - Antioxidant activity, Protects against the oxidative injuries
    Propolis extracts, composed of different organic acid, have been reported to possess a potent antioxidant activity. The antioxidant activity is exerted by inhibiting the activity of some enzymes which inhibit the production of ROS species. Oxidative stress is the main cause of aging.

    - Antihistaminergic, Anti-inflammatory
    Flavonoids in propolis modulates inflammatory cell function. It helps to stabilize mast cells. These compounds contribute to the suppression of prostaglandins and leukotrienes synthesis by macrophages and have inhibitory effects on myeloperoxidase activity which is soothing allergies, asthma, sore throat and nasal discomfort.

    - Activate the body function
    Flavonoids in propolis conduces the metabolism system which is a beneficial effect of body function.

    - Neutralize toxins
    Propolis can help to improve circulation. Propolis helps to neutralize toxins. Complications in the liver system can be attributed to oxidative damage. Flavonoids in propolis exhibits antioxidant activities that have a potential protective effect on the damaged liver.

    - Metabolic and Cardiovascular Health
    Propolis benefits for downregulated the atherosclerotic process and improves the accumulation of body fat and dyslipidemia which can help to balance blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipid.