Casino 70% Ethyl Alcohol 60ml

SKU: 1005081

Casino Ethyl Alcohol 70% solution is clinically proven and tested to eliminate 99.9% of disease-causing germs. Made from Ethyl alcohol that is derived from sugar cane. Unlike other strong alcohols, Casino provides a solution that is gentle on skin, but harsh on germs. With this, you can frequently sanitize your skin without fear of drying it out. Formulated with an improved fragrance fit for people of all walks of life. 

1)      Eliminates 99.99% of germs

2)      Made from natural ingredients, (70% ethyl alcohol) derived from sugar cane

3)      Safe on skin even daily use

4)      Disinfects without drying the skin

5)      Contained in a white translucent bottle

6)      Product of The Philippines

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