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Retailcorp Limited and Care & Health Limited, with trade name HealthPlus, is one of the subsidiaries of Hanison Construction Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 896). We aim to promote healthcare products by sincerity and honesty.

Founded in 1992, Health Plus was originally named “Centrepoint Medistore”. Operating mainly along MTR stations, it was the first chain store to extend health concept to mass transportation network, making “health” accessible at our daily life.  In 1996, the brand was re-named “Health Plus”. Health Plus has an extensive retail network, comfortable shopping environment, diversified products and comprehensive service. Health Plus’s logo features a green apple, which best describes its service pledge of being “Healthy and Energetic”, and the scratch part on the apple means sharing health information with everyone.

Loyalty of customers leads to the success of Health Plus.  Since the introduction of membership scheme in 1993, its network has expanded to embrace over 100,000 members.  Recognizing that health products is not ordinary retailing items and the marketing strategy should be different from those for convenient stores and spacious pharmacy chains, Health Plus emphasizes that product enlightenment to customers be a focus of frontline staff.  Besides, it has set up service hotline and member club for handling members’ enquiries, providing them with health information and offering medical referral.

HealthPlus provides over 2,500 items, including sugar free products, groceries, organic foods, Chinese and Western dietary supplements, health equipments, baby care products, baby’s food, slim products, organic salt, sugar and cooking oil, natural disinfection products, prenatal and postnatal health food, organic health drinks and personal care products, among which Lingzhi Master Series was the signature product.  Health Plus is also the first chain store to have its own brand of health products. Besides the first self-owned brand “Bu Yik Fong” for Chinese herbal series introduced 25 years ago, its "28 Chinese Herbal Soup” has been awarded the "STC tested" Mark which further increase the confidence of consumer to the product quality. It has recently developed more brands like “Natural Extracts” and “Healthmate” for products from New Zealand, Canada and US.

HealthPlus has obtained a number of service awards, including “Quality Tourism Services” certificate by Hong Kong Tourism Broad and the “No Fakes Pledge” by Hong Kong Retail Management Association. It has been recognized as a “Caring Company” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for 10 consecutive years in recognition of its contribution to charity and community affairs. Frontline staff of Health Plus was selected as one of the finalists for the “Service and Courtesy Award”, a testimony to the quality service provided by Health Plus.


Hanison Construction Holdings Limited

Hanison Construction Holdings Limited (the 'Company') was incorporated in the Cayman Islands in September 2001 and was publicly listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in January 2002 (Stock Code: 896). It is based in Hong Kong and is the holding company of the Group (comprising the Company and its subsidiaries).

The subsidiaries of the Group have been actively involved in construction and construction related businesses in Hong Kong since 1989. Today, they engage in a variety of businesses including building construction, interior and renovation works, supply and installation of building materials, property development, property investment, property agency and management, project management and trading of health products.