Familoves - Dust Mite Spray

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It significant reduce the number of dust-mites, mould, bacteria and fungi. It can inhibit the growth of dust mites by removing the entire food chain, eradication all allergic causing micro-organisms, creating a healthy environment. Treated fabrics will last for a period of 3 months or up to 20 washes. Read the label & hand tag before use and follow the instructions Target Pest Dust Mites Suitable for sofa, capet, furry doll, curtains etc

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Direction of Use:
Shake well before use. Always test a hidden area for colour fastness. Select a well ventilated area protected from wind.
Hold bottle 10-20cm away and spray evenly on fabric. Make sure the article is treated thoroughly. Each square meter should be treated with 40ml of Dust Mite Spray.
Wait for 2 minutes, remove excess residue with a wet cloth. Item should be air dried.

Precautions Please refer to the hand tag.
Keep out of reach of children
Active ingredients: Permethrin 0.30% (w/v)
Registration No.: 1P55(AL)
Made in Hong Kong

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