GERBER - Cereal Rice 8oz

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Suitable for babies over 6 months
Rich in iron, which helps your baby's cognitive development
Two servings a day*, can meet 90% of your baby's daily iron intake**
VITABLOCKS® contains a wide range of nutrients including iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E and 6 vitamin B
Contains rich vitamin C, vitamin E and 6 vitamin B to help your baby develop healthily
Rich in calcium helps maintain bone and teeth health
No artificial seasonings, artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives
* 15 grams per serving

** According to the National Institute of Agricultural Science (NAS), RDA, 1989, the recommended daily iron intake for infants is 15 mg.


Single grain rice noodles for your baby to enjoy more nutrients

8 oz
Remark Made in USA
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