Online Shopping Procedures

Shopping Enquiry: (852) 2119-5877

Login /New Registration:
Registered customers: login withemailaddressand enter yourpassword

New Customers: upon successful registration, you will receive a welcomee-coupon, you can checkout faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track orders etc.


Fill in Shipping Information:


Client shallpay thedelivery charge according to the weight andlocation. 
Hong Kong:Free shipping for purchase over HK $ 400

China and Macau:Free shipping for purchase over HK $ 800
Overseas:Customers are able to enjoy free shipping by purchasing HKD5,000 or above with limited conditions.Extra charges will be billed to the customer in the following conditions:

  1. Shopping cart includes any products contain liquid like: detergents, shampoo, drinks, etc.
  2. Total weight of products over 7kg
  3. Remote regions, where the delivery charge over HKD500


PayDollar / PaypalPaymentGateway

(1) Clients from China/Overseas are recommended to use PayDollar: we accept Visa /Alipay/UnionPay (with Security code)

(2) lients from HK are recommended to use PayPal: we accept Visa / Master / Discover / AE / Paypal account

(3) Via Bank Transfer - Please transfer invoice amount to our HSBC bank account (Retailcorp Limited)* and send the bank-in slip and invoice number to us by email ( or whatsapp (Tel: +852 92093231) or Facebook Inbox ( for confirmation. Please note that payer will be responsible for all bank charges involved.

*HSBC/ Hang Seng payers: please transfer to 502-343-817001



Step(1) Proceeding to Payment:

1) Click "Shopping Cart" at topr right corner.

2) Click "View Shopping Cart".



3) System will remind you to login before any payment.

4) If you are not an existing member, please register for a new account first
(For detail please go to



5) Default quantity of any item is 1 at shopping cart.

6) You can amend the quantity or delete the items, and then click "Refresh Shopping Cart".

7) Fill in the reward points and coupon code if any at shopping cart.



8) Estimate your delivery fee when you scoll down (Free delivery upon specific purchasing amount of different regions).

9) The system will calculate the grand total; if correct, please click "Proceed to Checkout".


Step(2) Proceeding to Checkout:

1) Please fill in Billing Information for every *box.

2) Then click "Continue".



3) The system will set the billing information as default shipping one, if not, please fill in a new shipping information.

4) Then click "Continue".



5) The system will calculate the shipping cost.

6) Click "Continue".



7) Use of points will be dsiplayed here. You can adjust your point again.

8) Choose the payment method, and the click "Continue".



9) You can feel free to leave a comment about your order here to us.


Payment Method (1) PayDollar:

1) If the order overview is correct, please click to agree the terms and the "Place Order".



2) The page will be directed to "PayDollar" page showing the company name, "Retailcorp Limited" and Health Plus' Logo.

3) Choose the payment method.


Payment Method(1.1) PayDollar – Visa/ MasterCard:

1) Fill in the credit card information (*Please entre with correct cases).

2) Click "submit", then enter a 3D verification code sent by PayDollar. You will be redirected to Health Plus' webpage if payment is successful.


Payment Method (1.2) PayDollar – China Union:

1) Click "Confirm" and login your China Union account to finish the payment.


Payment Method (1.3) PayDollar – Alipay:

1) For mobile user, please scan the QR code.

2) For desktop, please login your account on right hand side.

3) Follow the guideline to finish the payment.


Payment Method (2) Paypal:

1) You will be directed to "Paypal" page.

2) Fill in credit card and billing information without login.

3) You can create a paypal account or not to finish the payment.



4) You will be redirected to Health Plus' page if payment is successful.

5) If the order overview is correct, please click to agree the terms and the "Place Order".


Payment Method (3) Bank Transfer

1) Please read through the disclaimer for Bank Transfer. If understand and agree, please click "Continue".



2) If the order overview is correct, please click to agree the terms and the "Place Order".

3) Please follow the guideline* to transfer the amount to Health Plus' bank account and send the bank slip copy to us in order to confirm the order.


 **For all orders, you will receive a confirmation email after the checkout procedure is successful. We will send the products to you through courier afterwards.