TANAMERA - Firming Herbal Blend Paste

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A traditional paste made of a blend of herbs used to help strengthen and firm stomach muscles from the inside out. Use with the postpartum abdominal wrap for more effective results.
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Ingredients Nutmeg, Ginger, Java Tumeric, Vegetable Hummingbird, Citronella, Rice, Cloves, Cinnamon, Tamarind Peel, Cumin, Anise, Cardmaon, Kaolin, Glutinous Rice, Baking Soda *Please refer to the product packaging

A traditional paste made of a blend of tropical herbs to strengthen and firm stomach muscles from the inside-out.
Use with the abdominal wrap (bengkung) for best results.
Promotes release of water retention.
Stimulates blood flow to the abdominal area and tones loose abdominal skin.
Strengthens and firms stomach muscles.
Reduces blemishes and dark spots that may appear on the abdomen

Suggested Usage

Mix 1 sachet with 4 tablespoons of warm water to a thick paste.
Apply paste onto abdominal area. Spread evenly.
Cover with a thin cloth or towel before wearing the abdominal wrap, to prevent soiling of wrap.

Suitable For Post natal women
Package 15g x 14 Sachets
Remark Made in Malaysia
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