Genya - Shark Fin Supplement

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High quality concentrated shark cartilage extract (chondroitin), aids to repair the soft bone tissue between joints. No medical or analgesic ingredients are used which makes it safe for daily consumption.

The premium vegetarian capsules (NPcaps) used is derived from fermented corn. Therefore, it breaks down easily and is gentle on the digestive system.

More Information

Chondroitin Sulfate, Cornstarch, Rapeseed oil


Helps to strengthen joints and cartilage by repairing the soft tissue between bones.

Suggested Usage

Maintenance : 2 capsules daily (morning & night 1 capsule each)

Therapeutic : 4 capsules daily (morning & night 2 capsules each)

Suitable For

For weakened or damaged joints and cartilage due to exercise, menopause or age.

Package 28g (280mg x 100)

Best consumed in the morning on an empty stomach.


Made in Japan

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