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Aids in Balancing Uric Acid Level

Uric acid is the metabolite from the purine in human body. If the uric acid is accumulated excessively in vivo, high uric acid will be appeared. Part of the uric acid is decomposed from the purine, the other is come from ingestion of food containing purine. When there is excessively ingestion of the food containing high purine and protein, it can increase the formation of uric acid in vivo. Approximately, 2/3 uric acid can be discharged through the excretion in kidney, the other will be excreted in the intestine.

When uric acid accumulates excessively in the body with relatively little excretion, it can increase uric acid in the blood causing a rise of uric acid value in the blood. Eventually, it can bring about the uncomfortable joint problems.

Natural Herbs, stabilizing uric acid level, alleviating joint problems

Celery Seed Celery seed contains various kinds of anti-irritation ingredient. Traditionally, it is used for treatment in different types of joint discomforts. In addition, celery seed can help urination in promoting the excretion of uric acid. As a result, it can stabilize the uric acid level and alleviate joint problems. * According to the "British Herbal Pharmacopoeia" and the Australian Queensland University Dr. Blain's researches and his medical experiments, celery seed can alleviate joint problems.

Dandelion Leaf Dandelion can help to discharge the redundant salt in the body.

Strengthens the detoxification in the body can help to discharge the waste materials in vivo likes uric acid and metabolites.

Harpagophytum Harpagophytum is a natural plant originated in South Africa. It is a folk medicine used in alleviating discomfort and irritation symptoms since several centuries. Especially, it is used in joint problems.

Turmeric Turmeric can help to eliminate the swollen and irritation symptoms. Also, it can protect the liver and enhance its function in order to eliminate the uric acid.


More Information
Ingredients Turmeric, Celery Seed, Harpagophytum procumbens, Dandelion leaf
  • Promotes uric acid excretion, balancing uric acid level
  • Alleviates joint problems
Suggested Usage

2 softgels daily

Suitable For The product is suitable for people concerned about Uric Acid
Package 750mg x 60 softgels
  • Please keep our of reach of children
  • Please who are on medication or allergic to the ingredients should seek medical advice before use

Made in New Zealand

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