Lotus - Uric Acid Tea

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The Lotus Uric Acid Tea is blended with organic Mate tea, Earl Grey Tea and Misai Kuching which helps to prevent the inflammatory effects and discomfort due to high uric acid level in your body, so as to relieve the joint and muscular discorfort. With the use of Mate Tea and other quality herbal ingredients, can also act as a complement to your body in order to enhance detoxification and eliminate edema.

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All-round formula for meals and catering


Top-grade cat's whiskers, mate tea, earl grey black tea are all formulated and suitable for long-term drinking by people with uric acid.



Suitable for people who concerned about uric acid.

1. Java Tea: it can supplement the loss of electrolytes when moisture loss and it won’t be affecting the kidney as well. Also, it can discharge the stone in urinary system; reduce the water stagnant in the body.


2. Mate Tea: After a number of years research, mate tea is suitable for three systems of human, which are endocrine system, blood circulating system, digestive system.

- Endocrine system: Blood sugar, Uric Acid.

- Blood circulating system: Blood pressure, blood lipids, cholesterol, cardiovascular.

- Digestive system: gastrointestinal infection, digestive trouble, central obesity.

Beside of that, mate tea can also anti-depressed, enhance immunity.


3. Earl Black Tea: (Main ingredients: black tea, bergamot oil, pot marigold, safflower)

Earl Black Tea included 4 main ingredients, it is not only care about uric acid, it also care about cardiovascular. Safflower cans anti-inflammatory, diuresis; also, pot marigold is good at diuresis and improves the blood circulating.


4. CMA certifies that this product included quercitrin and tea polyphenols nutrition.





Top-grade cat's whiskers, mate tea, earl grey tea (bergamot oil, marigold, safflower)


Mate Tea, Earl Black Tea, Java Tea


Concerning uric acid, blood sugar, blood lipids, cholesterol

Suggested Usage

With the help of our patent procedures of making tea to maximize the effectiveness; Use one teabag per cup, pour 300ml - 350 ml boiling water over the teabag, cover the cup and let the teabag steep for 5minutes, fully stir the teabag and drink. Drink one cup after each meal. Up to five cups a day if required.

Suitable For

Concerning uric acid, blood sugar, blood lipids, cholesterol

2.5g x 60 packs

This product is not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Any claim made for it has not been subject to evaluation for such registration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.


Made in Hong Kong

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